Secret of Eyes…

Working as a dentist .. I come in contact with many people.. almost of all ages. From a kid to a grand mother. Recently I was treating a patient,  a granny of considerable age. She was here for a short period of time. After tons of problem I could finally get her work done. Grannies are usually hard to tackle, trust me! But there was this thing she always did, she always hugged me after the end of an appointment. Well.. when at the end of a tiring session if you get this warm hug full of love from a granny, you feel a bit lighter. I often kept thinking about her. I live with my granny. And I found one thing so common amongst them. All the grannies and grandads have a thing in common. Those eyes! 

As we all know, as per biological aging our life has been divided in to periods such as infancy, teenage, youth, adulthood, old age. Different names according to different classifications. There is some unique thing about each age group. No I m not talking about biology here!

I might just put up my own classification about phases of life. On the basis of what I saw.  We change through out our lives. Our soul undergoes transformation. What we are, what we become! All depends on our environment and how we respond and adapt to that. But everything that happens to your soul, reflects in your eyes. 

When a child is born, it is introduced to the world. Just like the sprout coming out of seed. The first page of a blank notebook. The uncut diamond. when you see in a child’s eyes. You won’t see seven wonders of world.. you will see seven million. They don’t have past, neither future they just know present.Their souls are clean and fresh like a daisy. It reflects in their eyes. They are happy without reason. They have the one most valuable thing reflecting in their eyes. Innocence!

“Everytime a child is born , the world is renewed in innocence. “

When the child turns in to a teenager. His brain starts to perceive things around himself. There is a thirst to know everything he sees. To learn everything around him. They are not afraid to explore anything, poke at anything, or question anything. They have a unique spark in their eyes. Curiosity!

Curiosity is the quality that urges a child to keep on finding out more, to connect actions with outcomes, people with feelings. Wondering why is the powerful engine that drives discovery. “

– Dr Stanley Greenspan.

After the teenage , child enters the most delightful phase of life. The Youth. It is a wonderful thing, like a hot flush. The hot days of ending summer. You see some kind of energy, a kind of power that can change anything. Their eyes are full of dreams . Big and small. Their eyes are ocean where their dreams are reflected. They have the special twinkle in their eyes. Dreams!

” How beautiful is the Youth! How bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations and dreams! Book of Beginnings , Story without End, Each maiden a heroine,  Each man a friend! “

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

After the Youth comes the adulthood. The kid that was dreaming , now sees differently. This transition to adulthood shakes the core of his soul. He realizes that he is solely responsible for himself. Priorities change. There comes a point where finally the dream breaks and you are touched by reality. Quality replaces quantity. As an adult, the person wants a future not just a for now.Dreams are replaced by responsibilities. Looking at those eyes, the fire and dreams are gone. You find a mildness and soberness. Their thinking change! The soul change! Eyes lack those twinkles and shine. A glimpse of fear appears in the eyes along with some control and maturity.Responsibilities! 

” Great challenge of Adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you loose your innocence “

-Bruce sprinsteen

As the adulthood ages further, comes the old age. The age of wisdom. When you see the eyes of your granny. They might seem dull at first but holding on your glance for just some more you’ll see a book of stories and experiences,Wisdom and knowledge . Each wrinkle has its own story. You realize as the age grows that it wasn’t all about what you look like or what you own, it was all about the person you’ve become. It reflects in those eyes. Wisdom! 

Beautiful young peoples are accidents of nature. But beautiful old people are works of art.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt.

So through out the life you are exposed to certain changes. You adapt to some, some leave a mark on your soul. The process of transition of your soul reflects in your eyes. Observe a kid , a young girl, an adult, a granny.. look in to their eyes. You will see the story there. Our life is like a poem which begins in delight and ends in wisdom. So embrace each phase that passes by. Every individual has to undergo change of phases . World is made up of different people in their respective different phases of life. Each learning from the other. Each teaching some thing to other. That’s how we live! 

 And everyday, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling,” this is important! And this is important ! You need to worry about these.”

And each day it’s upto you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, ” No! This is what’s important. ! “

-Ian Thomas

To my younger self..

At this stage of life, when I look back in time…I realize how far we’ve all reached. They are pages of a blank note book. Each page having its own story. If time travel was possible and you could go back in time and say something to your younger self.. write a note to your younger self.. have you thought what would it be? 

Well I was asked to answer that in just two words. And I couldn’t. I kept on thinking. Which was the most important thing to tell? And I couldn’t answer it. 

Here is what I thought..

  • You don’t have to be perfect.  The first thing that came to my mind. Imperfections, they are your identity. It’s ok not to be perfect in everything. There are things you won’t get right always. From doing your hairs to completing some important task. It’s ok ! 
  • Choose to do.  There will be points in life where you’ll have to choose between things. Choose wisely. Choose freely. Take charge. As no matter what you choose to do, you’ll regret not doing the other. But that’s how you become wise anyways! 
  • Do mistakes, Never give up. Yes, do mistakes. That’s how you are supposed to learn in life. Wisdom comes your way if you do mistakes. Do mistakes once, twice, thrice, nth number of times, till you find where you are wrong. Never give up. Doing mistakes are way better than doing nothing. You’ll learn. You’ll become a different person.
  • Just be yourself.   Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical you. Cz you are one of a kind! 
  • You’ve got the guts to find your own purpose.  However impossible it may seem. Yes, you’ve got the guts! You don’t need to believe in what others say. Pause or stop if you need to but you have the guts to find the path again. Find your own purpose you have in life. 
  • Invest.  Invest in your passions. Invest in your dreams. Invest in quality times with your loved ones. Invest in creating memories to cherish. 
  • Know yourself.   If you ever loose love. Don’t go out looking for it. Reach inside you and recreate what you lost. You are love. You cannot lose you.

So dear little me, 

I haven’t talked to you before.  It’s your older self writing here to you. Hope you are doing well.

I can see the struggles you are facing.  I can see it in your eyes, that you feel like you don’t belong. I can see you are scared of what is to come. I can feel it in your soul that you are struggling and you need some guidance. You quiver at the sight of people and shudder at the touch of stranger. I know it’s not been fair enough for you. But hey! Don’t worry all this will lead to something good. I assure you. Hold on some more. 

Live! dream! play! work!  dance! sing! care! dare! fight! cry! Do everything you need to do at the moment. It’s okay! You’ll make it through this. Stay strong. Embrace happiness. The best is yet to come.

P.S : You need to stop over thinking. You’ll turn in to maniac. Seriously!


Your older self.

Strolling down the memory lane…

Finding Your Place

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.

Just as usual, this morning was pleasant. Just the right amount of cold and warmth. You can see the fall arriving!

Cycling has been a part of my every day routine since some days. Thanks to the fright of getting obese and addiction Of these morning sceneries. There are some really great health benefits of cycling..

So there was I ..paddling down on the cycle.. twisting and turning down the roads of my hometown where I have lived since I was born.. Anand a small town in Gujarat, India. Also called the Milk capital of India. Lost in my thoughts and music of nature.. I forgot where I was heading , suddenly I saw a gate.. it was very familiar. I stopped the cycle. Headed nearer to the gate.Oh yes! The back gate! It was the back gate of my school. I had an overflow of nostalgia and emotions running through my veins. I was still , caught up in the nostalgia and unable to move. I was brought back to the present only by the noise of students entering the gate nearby. Oh god! It was almost seven years, I had never came back here. I was overwhelmed, almost in tears with a weird smile difficult to explain. 

Hesitatingly I went though the back gate, in the school and I almost freaked out! Those swings, the play ground, the parking, the building and everything was the same since I left the place. Memories flooded and I had to clear my eyes. This was the part of my life that had been dormant since seven years. And seeing it all of a sudden, left me holding my breath. 

Suddenly, some noises caught up my attention .. I looked in that direction and found some girls chirping and playing. Girls! I thought , are same now and then.. over expressive! I saw a girl swinging merrily . It was her turn to swing after a long wait. Uniform.. schoolbag.. water bottle and the innocence. There was something in her eyes. A shine! A twinkle! Happiness! Peace! Dream! All that was once in our eyes. Dreams are often forgotten by us as we grow old. Childhood lets us to dream in the wild..but when we grow old fear occupies , holds our mind and heart from dreaming. But it’s all in the head. If you dare, nothing can stop you.

This encounter gave me a realization that I had came a long way from where I was once… It gave me a reminder of some sort. Fulfill your dreams! Be the girl you wanted to be again! Conquer the world! Step your feet out! 

I was in to reading since childhood, always a girl who built her own world inside the books.. used to pen down stories and quotes in her journal… It was lost long back due to negligence. But here I m now… Dreaming my dream again… That nostalgic moment left a mark on my heart and changed something. 

This was my place that shaped me in childhood and changed me again..when I wasn’t expecting it..! Sometimes! There is something magical in the place… The memories and the nostalgia that comes!