The strange phone call – #3

“Let’s go and have some coffee..” said Twisha.
“What? Coffee this time? No ways! “” We are in the midst of this havoc and you want coffee?! ” I almost yelled at her.

“Stop yelling Mahek! I can’t think right now. I need a coffee to start up my brain.” And she rushed the car , forcing me to hold the dashboard for keeping me from loosing balance. 

“I need a strong tea. I don’t drink coffee… Slow down Twisha!” ” We are going .. OK.. I am sorry !” But she stopped only when she reached the cafe. 

“One Black coffee?! ” She was ordering black coffee. Twisha does that only when she is really confused and in problem. I ordered my regular strong and sweetened tea. I was observing Twisha. She was constantly thinking , some deep thought process was going on. 

“We need to find him. We need to find her brother” She finally uttered what she was thinking. 

“What? How?” I was in denial as usual. “No ways..” 

“How else we are going to Help her!?”

“But…” Still not sure. I went silent. Sipping on to my hot tea, I thought. She was right,  how else are we going to help? What else are we going to do? Just inform her brother and all of this will get over. No more phone calls and surprises. Life back to normal. 

“OK !” I said. Let us get it over with that now. I thought.

Sipping the last drop of tea and paying, we sat in her car. Recalled the address , the girl spoke about and headed.

There it was.We were standing Infront of a large old, wooden door! I was feeling butterflies in the stomach due to anticipation. We were not knowing who or rather what would be there behind the doors. I was staring at the name plate.  


Might be her brother’s name , I thought. 

Twisha rang the door bell. We waited out there in severe nervousness. No one answered for the first time. She rang the bell again. Still no answer. I got frustrated and angry. ” No one there. Wow! Great! So this ain’t going to end now. It was all so simple. Inform her brother and we are out of trouble. But no… ”

I was looking at Twisha and stood shifting my weight on the closed door for support to stand. 

Suddenly someone opened the door. And as I was standing leaning on it, I fell with a thud. “Ohhhh heyyy !” I yelled.

“I am sorry! ” I heard a soft voice. 

I was there flat on the floor. Infront of me was standing the guy, who opened the door. He was almost 6 feet tall , well built, fair and must say not less handsome than a greek god. He had that kind of face, which would make you stop for a while inspite of place and situation. He might be used to of that I thought. People staring at him like that. Pausing for a while looking at him and he,  then overcompensating with nonchalant gaze and weak smile followed by little blush of course a dead give away. God! How many girls would have fallen already. 

“Hey! You okay?!”he asked concerned. I was back to the senses. Mortified. Red with shame. I literally fell. He was in his boxers and sweating, probably he was working out. He had a chiseled body. What was happening to me!? ” Come back to sense! ” I murmured. 

Twisha helped me up. Now I was facing him. He looked with puzzled eyes . I was wondering, how can anyone look so good even after a work out. 

“How may I help you!? Girls?! ” He asked. Staring at me. My breath stopped. Why was I getting conscious?! Was he checking me out?  Oh the blue eyes..! I felt relieved when his gaze shifted.  Suddenly, I wanted to finish the meeting and conversation as soon as possible.

“Umm… it’s sort of weird but ..We are here because your sister sent us. She gave me a call. I don’t know her , but she said she was in trouble and I need to inform you about that. ”

His gaze was now worried instead of puzzled. He checked on behind our shoulders.

“Come in, hurry up!” He invited us in. 

Puzzled, we both went in. 

His home was huge and exquisite inside. The main hall had white sleek walls and large windows. The window to the straight wes framed with dark brown velvet drapes and the lace curtain were drawn aside, letting the sun light in and exposing a view of the outer world. There was a large sofa framing the hall. Large dark coffee brown sofa. To the right, there was a bookshelf. It was unusual of a guy to have such a huge book shelf. I thought. Which guy reads? I’ve never met one I thought,till now. There were two passage on the left. One led to the kitchen I guess and the other door was closed, maybe it was his bedroom.

He was hurrying , closing the door behind. Breathing fast. Walking to and fro, Infront of us. Banging his hand occasionally in to the walls in anger. He was in anger. He was furious. We stood there. Scared. Regretting that we ever got here. I tried to move towards the door . But he was quick. He held my hands and stopped me.

“You are not going anywhere! ” He ordered!. “You both stay here till I say!”” No moving!” “If you tried to move out, you don’t know me… It wouldnt be good for you!” He threatened. 

What was that..!.? Was he a bad guy?! Did we make a mistake coming here?! What now?!
to be continued..


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