The Strange Phone call – #1

“Mehak….!” Shouted her mother knocking the door “What are you doing in there Mahek?! Weren’t you supposed to go out with those girls today?! 

It was a cold winter night. There I sat on my bed. Cozing up with my blanket, A diary in my lap and  nibbling the pen between my teeth. There was an awkward silence in the room despite of noises outside. Yeah it was 31st December , end of the year. People were partying , Loudspeakers blaring and crackers crackling. 

“It’s still not the time mom! ” I yelled. “Let me know when you leave darling!” And then mother went downstairs talking to herself about all the chores that has been left to do. 

“Finally I am alone” , I thought. “I want to sit alone for just some moment. Can’t I even get that?! All these people are celebrating. I feel no point in that. One year is to end. And I’ve done nothing. Seriously. ” I started scribbling on my diary.Writing a diary had been part of my routine. I liked to pen down my thoughts. And at that moment, I couldn’t think anything else but about the urge of writing down my thoughts one last time in that year.

Dear diary, 

It’s 31st of December already. Year is to end any moment. I feel like I am leaving something here in 2016. I don’t want it to end. I wanna pause the time and just sit here. 2016 has been a year of ups and downs. Many goodbyes and many new hellos. But why m I feeling this sort of thing?!. I fear what’s to come in the new year.  There is nothing that has been kept secret from you my diary. You know me in and out. Tell me what’s wrong with me? 

I know I’ve made many mistakes. I remember fighting with my mom, yelling at my friends. Ignoring those who cares about me. Filthy relationships. I’ve been a bitch sometimes. I don’t know the reason for my behaviour but I do recognize the difference in my thoughts.

The cellphone beeps.I look at the clock and then my phone. It’s late . It beeped again. Itook it . A number was flashing on her screen. “Who would be calling at this time?” I wondered. I ignored it thinking of it as a wrong number and continued with writing.
I’ve been through the worst now. I will improve. Try and be a mature person. Taking all the decisions with responsiblity. I will try to .. 

And my thoughts were once again broken . The cellphone beeped again. The same number again. I was thoughtful this time. Should I be picking it up? After a fraction of turmoil I picked up , “Hello?!” I asked “who is there?!” No one answered. I asked again , ” anyone there?!” .Silence. No reply. I heard some noises on the line and confirmed it might be a wrong number. Continued my writing again. This time only to end it soon.

So dear diary, amidst of all the noises inside me. I promise to be hopeful and optimistic next year. Work hard play hard and enjoy the life to fullest. Love you. Goodnight .

The cellphone beeped again. As soon as she ended. But a name flashed this time. It was Twisha this time.Her self coronated best friend.

 ” How much time are you gonna take Mahek! It’s already 11 45 . Come down I am waiting right Infront of your home! ” She yelled. “Two minutes” I said hasting towards my wardrobe . Chose a nice bold dress and put it on. Ran fingers through my hairs. N applied a lip gloss. Taking one last look at the mirror, she rushed down holding pair of heels in hand. ” I’m leaving mumma!” She shouted and rushed through the door without waiting for a reply.

There she was. Waiting ! And I knew I was in trouble as I was the one who kept her waiting. ” Hurry up! Lazy feet! I have to show you something. Fasten your steps Mahek!” Twisha grabbed my hands. She is always this excited for everything. Twisha was the one driving today. “God save us”  I whispered. Her driving was the worst nightmare you can get.

Finally after dodging numerous vehicles we reached where she wanted me to take. It was only about 5 mins distance from my home. Still I had not been there before. That place was beautiful. No houses. Just a tree and vast land till horizon. She took me near the tree. “The countdown begins ” she said pointing towards the sky.  “10 .. 9.. 8.. 5.. 4..3..2..1..!” “Look there!”she squeeled. 

The sky was full of colours and lights. There was unique enthusiasm in the crackers noise. We could hear the people screaming all around. I looked in awe. The cold breeze and this feeling. I put my arms around myself. Hugging myself tight. This year wouldn’t have been great if Twisha wasn’t by my side I thought . She had somehow managed to keep my dark and twisty side apart and far. I was feeling Hopeful now for the year to come. Confused emotions often come out in the form of tear drops, and so was with me. 

I was struck by the moment. And again the phone beeped. Forcing me to break the moment . The wrong number again. She picked up and yelled ” Who is this?! Why are you calling me ?! Hello?!” ” He.llooo… “A strange voice replied this time! It was a lady. ” I need your help! Please!” And a voice thudded behind . ” Hello? Who are you?! What help? What happened?! ” I asked, But the phone was dead. 

  … be continued.