Help A little! 

It’s been a week since 2017. Many new resolutions taken. Travel, Bungee jumping, paragliding.. for me more of writing and sketching. In the high of the moment and time , we all think about our personal wishes to be fullfill ed this new year. They are necessary , Yes! They are important in their ways. How else are we gonna live! Lol!

There is one another kind of new resolution I wish to take! To help others the way I can! We are always occupied with ourselves. Our jobs, our family time and our travel. But there are numerous persons we meet each day. Our one kindness can make a difference in others life sometimes. May it be a small worker or CEO of the firm. 

Cultivate the moral of humanity in others too. Yes, we cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone!We think too much and feel too little, more than machinery we need humanity and more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. 

Have you ever felt hopeless?! Stuck somewhere? Where you just need one hand and it’s not there! Help someone, atleast he will have the hope that the world is yet not empty of goodness! There are many organizations running for helping the one in need. But when every individual will take charge, it would be more beneficial than a single organization trying. Humanity has been long lost these days. Competition, race, achieving goals have made us all selfish and goal oriented. We need to take break and literally learn to be humans in this dog race. 

 I just came across this chain of cafe called “Seva cafe”. “Seva” means volunteering yourself. In this cafe there are no prices in menus, and the check reads Rs. 0 with a foot note ” Your meal was gifted by someone who came before you, to keep the chain alive we invite you to pay for those who dine after you” 

You can visit the site here! And that made all the difference. Try to be helpful! And see the change in your heart and shine in the eyes of the needy! Hope ! my dear, wins every battle. If you cultivate hope in someone’s life there is nothing more meaningful to your life!

Happy helping! 

Sacred Humanity!

Sacred? What does that mean? Well we all know what that means .. it’s that one thing that connects us directly to the God.  We know all this right?.. no need to define those terms again and again. But do we really know the meaning?

Temples, Churches and Mosques are sacred. A book is sacred to some and a flower to some other. Million people million sacred things. Well to me sacred is something else then this. 

“If you want to see the brave,

Look to those who can return love for hatred

If you want to see the heroic,

Look to those  who can forgive. “

-Bhagwat Geeta

“The man who sees me in everything
and everything within me
will not be lost to me, nor
will I ever be lost to him.

He who is rooted in oneness
realizes that I am
in every being; wherever
he goes, he remains in me.

When he sees all being as equal
in suffering or in joy
because they are like himself,
that man has grown perfect in yoga.”

-Bhagwat Geeta

These were some of the words I recently came across while reading Bhagwad Geeta. You can read other verses from Bhagwat Geeta here . It’s a sacred book for hinduism. But well , apart from these things I really want to tell about what is the most sacred thing in the world.
What is the God’s greatest creation? Yes! We humans! He gave us speech to express, feelings to feel, love to share, and intelligent minds to thrive and survive. So what would be the most sacred thing in the world? From my point of view using all these boons we’ve got in to welfare of others! Is the most sacred thing on earth!
Try giving a flower to someone a morning, a chocolate to any kid (umm I still am a dentist, try to give a balloon instead  nevermind!), try to hug and greet an old lady, lend a hand to some one In need, give a shoulder to someone who is crying, help your maid in the chores or just simply talk to a person. You never know your which act will influence or even make someone’s rough day a bit lighter. 

There is nothing more sacred than showing and practicing humanity. The dearest to the God are his creations. And if we do something to make the creations beautiful, what would be more sacred than that. 

I’ll insist not to loose faith in humanity. Yes! World these days is not fair. People have turned their backs down on humanity. War, terrorism, exploitation, and what not. It’s like there in every headline of every newspaper every day. But just because there are few dirty drops in the ocean, Ocean won’t get dirty. Here we are the ocean. It’s upto us to keep the humanity alive . It’s us who are gifted this beautifully with power of expression and words, also the power of imaginative mind! Can’t we just put that and make atleast one person smile? How beautiful the world is!  Just for once make someone realize that! Smile at them with your brightest one and tell me if they don’t give it back! Sacred is the one that connects you to god! And yes! There is nothing better than this i guess! 

Sacred is the heart of human that still beats humanity….