Life and Death

There I am! Finally…! Getting some peaceful hours today! Life sometimes has its own plans for you and you can’t help but be occupied. Today there is this lazy morning I m getting after a long time.. and so as usual I couldn’t help but write. 
Birthday…The day we are born in to this world.. the day when we first open our eyes and look at the world .. our fate is decided that day. The day a life begins.. it’s journey towards the end begins… Anything that has a life is sure to die. A life is born, it survives the atmosphere… It adapts.. it thrives.. it succeeds … It fails… It ages… And finally the destination.. it ends! 

Why is death so feared then? Why we fear to die? Why we fear someone’s death? We all know in back of our mind that it is going to end someday! 
It is the fear of unknown. It’s like thinking that we are being wise without actually being wise. No one knows what death is like. Those who know are not here to describe.  It could be the best thing happening, instead of the biggest evil that we consider it to be.

We only fear loss of life.. loss of what we have and loss of unfulfilled desires and wishes. We fear what we are going to do if the person is lost forever. We fear the absence of life instead of the presence of death. The boundaries which divides life and death are shadowy and vague, we don’t know where what ends and what begins.. We fear death more than pain. In fact , death is the ultimate medicine of all the pains.

 There won’t be any human that wouldn’t be afraid of death. Any living being is afraid of death. The fear is same as a kid fearing going in to the dark. He has heard tales that evil resides in the dark. He is fearing the unknown in the dark. But as soon as he reaches understanding age it vanishes.So is with us, we fear death when we are young. We fear the loss, we fear the unknown. But as soon as we reach nearer the age, we begin to understand that your life was just a part ,a teeny weeny part in this whole universe. You were just playing your part. Noone else could take your place. You would have affected many lives, you would have ended some hopes, rejuvenated some…But, Death was destined. 

So it’s just matter of time that you understand it. Till than this fear can be redirected in to enjoying your life. Unfulfilled desires, wishes, checklists, etc don’t keep them waiting. Never do that! Get your ass moving! Death is not tragic, but what we let die inside of us while alive is tragic. Fulfill your wishes in this one life, affect the hearts of people in this one life time. So that when you do die, you don’t have to get reincarnated again to fullfil them. 🤣😉😆

A day well spent gives a happy sleep, 

A life well spent gives a happy death

Priority, Protesting, Personal gain or sacrifice!

Life.. what makes a life? Oxygen, circulation, blood, conscious state and an active brain. Uh well, that’s what we learn in science! But for a science student there is this part ,the science behind the life part and then there is the other part where life is due to surroundings and the people they interact to. And let’s forget about the science part of the life here!

Peaceful life to a normal human being is a perfect balance of their outer surrounding and inner thoughts. If both are in balance. There is peace. Now , outer surrounding includes the people they interact with, the people they love, the work they do, the friends they achieve or loose. And, Their inner thoughts include their ambitions, their dreams, their goals, their expectations, ways of happiness. When both are in harmony. A person is at peace. But if any one gets affected. Oops! You end up messed!

What can go wrong? Anything! Cz if peace includes this long list of things then obviously , even if we try our best and make no mistakes on our part, remember there are other people out there that can affect us. Human is a social being. Willingly or unwillingly! He has to interact with people around!

We dream, We have ambitions, We have our little world inside us! We work for achieving those things constantly. There sometimes comes a situation where we have to decide priorities against our own selves. There might be a situation where the other person that is an integral part of our life gets in between.

What if he demands his priorities against yours? What if your happiness and ambitions are overlooked if you go according to the person’s wish? Well in this situation , your mind will strongly rebel and protest against the doing of the person . Chaos will be created. You will be hanging between a thin line of personal gain and loosing it without any relevance. You know the person is having selfish motto behind. And he just is expressing his frustration over you. He might be in a bad condition over all. And it’s just mirrored in his doings.

What if you know that you are right and the person is just in anger? That it will not matter anymore when everything is alright with him. And you still will loose things after that. Personally, I was in one situation. And Yeah i made a mess . But as they say mistakes always teach you something at a cost. I paid the cost but I learnt a lesson of life time.

So what I learnt? In these situations, we should decide the priorities. Between personal gain and the person’s wish. Many a times , we are put in to this situation by the only ones that are nearer and dearer to us. What then?! Protesting is not the smart idea here. Trust me! You need to let go of some of your personal gains here. Wait till the other person is alright. You have to let go of your dreams and ambitions sometimes. Just to make the person that is dearer to you feel in power. Not because you are weak to protest. But you are sensible and understanding enough not to. You have to bow down at the time, just to make the person realize he is important than your ambition. This won’t make you weak no! Neither it will make you unable to take a stand and all. It will just make you wiser. You can always shine later! Understanding when to take a stand and when to bow down is the real trick!

Convey things with a smile sometimes, 

Avoid fights with a smile sometimes,

Problems are many,

With you and some with me,

But decide somethings over time! 

May be there won’t be a person to make you smile tomorrow,

So make today count with him,

Learn to compromise for somethings,

Cz maybe Bowing down is better than loosing a relation!

Smile with someone,

And fight too with equal right!

Learn to wipe the tears of dear ones,

What respect and disrespect in a relationship or friendship?

Just learn to live in the heart of others!